Sustainable Development
Duration: 10h

: course and small projects conducted by groups of 2 students
Content: Construction and sustainable development: main stakes, How to put sustainable development into practise (organization and sustainable development), knowing about international standards and initiatives
Defining an action strategy inside a professional situation
Identify a professionnal context (types of possible actions, possible methods and indicators to conduct and assess results of actions)
Small project in 2014:
Common construction project to all students, the Delta Green project conducted by the Delta company.
Delta aims at contructing a 4,000 square meter building for tertiary activities with energy autonomy and other aspects of sustainable development.
Students chosed various topics such as: choice of materials of the top terrace, restauring biodiversity around the building, how to favor collective transport for building's users...

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Small project in 2013:
Common construction project to all students, the Philéas project in the frame of the internation contest Solar Decathlon. Each student project had to concentrate on a possible action, and to decline it with a life cycle and social responsability perspective. Example of topics proposed by students: accessibility to disabled persons, waste management inside the building, urban accessibility, bioclimatic aspects, solar energy, management construction works, water management, insulation systems, fire risks, deconstruction waste management, collecting energ from grey water...

The Atlantic challenge team won 2nd place of the contest !

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